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Personal Statement

I have a determined mindset, and an inquisitive nature which is enormously helpful when it comes to problem solving situations. I like to explore new methodologies in tackling projects and am able to research and implement solutions to problems in innovative ways.

I am fascinated by technology and computing and spend a lot of time on eLearning webinars from the US which I attend on a regular basis.

I do have a patient nature and work methodically to complete projects, but often have to resort to applying multiple solutions to a problem so I can benchmark the effectiveness of various solutions and select the most effective and easily implementable.

My learning style is very hands-on, but recently I have had to include researched information as a reliable source to help complete some projects, whereas before I would attempt to complete a project by simply applying different ‘fixes’ to an issue. I now have a more scientifically acceptable ‘test’ approach to problem scenarios.

I work well in a team and often take the lead in specific areas when tasked to do so. I have an understanding of how project elements link together to create the finished ‘whole’ and fully appreciate that the success of a project is dependent of the co-operative function of the team working on the individual elements.

I have a good understanding of how to progress my career and will take advantage of any opportunity offered by my employers to help me achieve my career goals.