Reddit: How do you recover from a screw up and save face ?>

Reddit: How do you recover from a screw up and save face

“I’m a junior and bit offs more than I should have. Thankfully it was just a stand by of an active standby pair, but the engineer asked me to investigate a minor issue and I ran the wrong command. Now I couldn’t recover from it and it’s down until I can crawl to the engineer and tell him what I did.

I hope he has a backup config and the rest I can get from the active with his help and transfer to the standby, which I plan to offer to do in the same sentence as asking for forgiveness. I’m just hoping that’s enough to salvage any trust he’ll have for me.

Vague for reasons. Can anyone share some advice here or share their experience so I feel less alone in my terror?” – ACiDGRiM (Source)

Your boss did not hire a junior and expect him not to make a mistake. They also did not send you to do a task that he or she could not fix.

As for a way forward, don’t waste your time thinking about how you can explain this to your manager – He might send you to fix it or he might take charge and fix it afterwards. It is important that you discuss what happened and how you can prevent it happening again in the future.

If you sit around and try and fix this yourself, you could run into further issues and it could spiral.

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